Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Use Digital Frames

Digital picture frames are the new thing when it comes to framing your memories! They are easy to use and are filled with all the goodness modern technology has to offer us. The digital picture frames out on the market today allow you to even view multiple photos within one picture frame, which is also a great and awesome feature. Digital storage is what makes all of this possible; it works just like your modern digital camera.

How to Use Your Digital Frame

The question you've all been waiting for me to answer. Well, let me get down to the point and show you how to use your digital picture frame! Here's how: 

1. You must first turn off your digital camera and open your memory card; afterwards, remove your memory card from the digital camera that you used to take the pictures. 
2. Slide your memory card straight into the special compartment in either the (top) or (side) of your digital photo frame - it all depends on the model of the photo frame, as well as a few other factors. You shouldn't have too much difficulty finding where the memory card inserts into, if you do, keep reading and maybe your question will be answered later on (or potentially in another post also!). 
3. Push the power button on your digital frame to turn it on. Once it is turned on, the pictures that are on the memory card you loaded in will begin displaying on the frame. 
4. Now you can mess around with your digital photo frame and adjust the time you want each photo to show up for. Easy as that!

The Power of Digital!

Well, there you have it! Your digital frame is all ready and configured for use. Whenever friends and family come over, you'll have your new toy to show off; it really is remarkable, I know I would show it off all over the place! For some cute picture frames (not digital, sadly), visit the website in the previous link to find all of the information you need. I suggest complementing your digital photo frames with a little bit of original, old school frames on your wall as well. Enjoy!

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