Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'Cool' Picture Frames I Stumbled Across

Well, I've been browsing around looking for some picture frames I could finally classify as 'cool'. It was rather difficult to do at first, but I managed to get a few that I especially enjoyed! Well, let's get down to it and check out these amazing picture frames.

Photo Frame Clock

When I first found this one, I thought, "Whoa!", this is a really great idea! It is in fact an amazing idea for a picture frame design on your home wall. There are twelve frames surrounding the arm centerpiece of this makeshift clock, all in your benefit. It's one of the coolest things I have personally seen in a long time, and deserves to be on my 'cool' picture frames list for sure!

Wall-Bent Picture Frames

Another very interesting idea I came across... props to the guy who invented this! I think it's very neat how the picture frames bend over the corner of your wall, adding a bit of 3-Dimensional variety to the whole composition. All in all, a great 'invention', if you would like to call it that, as well as an amazing addition to your picture frame collection at home. If you want some very affordable picture frames to experiment with, click the previous link to be taken to a great resource website on the subject. 

Abstract Design Frames

These particular frames have a very interesting and abstract design to them that I found 'cool' as well. They are positioned in an abstract, collage type of way and really bring out a certain color as you can see (If filled with matching photos). The colors kind of... concentrate on the central area.

Unlimited Supply of 'Cool'!

Well, you've seen what I consider to be cool, how about you? Let me know if you find any cool picture frames that are worth mentioning! I'm always open to suggestions. I know, these aren't the only cool picture frames out there today... but its a start. I'll keep browsing and hopefully will find something noteworthy in the near future. I'd like to let you guys know that I will be updating this blog as much as I can, but I'm busy lately with work, etc. so it might be a feat! Well, I hope you enjoyed my 'cool' picture frame collection - check out the links I posted above, and have a great day everyone!

Note: All images belong to their respective owners - Images on this page featured from: decor8blog.com, email-junk.com, and digsdigs.com

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